Turkey, we’re coming back.


8 months after our first visit to Turkey, we’re packing our bags and getting ready to join Malta’s delegation hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) and the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and Enterprise Europe Network partners.


‘Consistency is key and while our #WorldTour is taking us to all corners of the globe, over the last months, our International Sales Team has built quite a bit of momentum in Turkey, and we are now honored to be visiting this emerging tech leader once again to continue to strengthen our relationship with our selected business partners who will act as our representatives in various areas of Turkey. We’re eager to solidify and confirm the implementation of TheStudentCampus just in time for the next academic year and our team are raring to start.’ – James Abela, Chief Business Development Officer at TheStudentCampus revealed.


TheStudentCampus has been invited to participate in this Trade Mission by the internationalization Desk at the Malta Chamber of Commerce. More news releases and updates will be shared on TheStudentCampus social media channels.

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