Dublin, we’ll be there soon.


The mid-year mark has come and gone and TheStudentCampus air miles have skyrocketed to an incredible amount, as the co-founders and team have introduced the learning platform in a number of countries.

Earlier on today, TheStudentCampus co-founder Nikolai Sammut revealed that the team will be traveling to Dublin in the coming days.


‘Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Intercom, Slack and Twitter together with other notable brands, have chosen Dublin as their home because the city is one of the world’s prime technology hubs and is clearly a brilliant centre of tech excellence. We’re thrilled to announce that Dublin will feature in our #WorldTour and we’re excited to confirm that we will be discussing a number of collaboration opportunities with potential resellers and partners and also visiting numerous high profile educational entities in the city. The Irish clearly understand the current and future value of the tech industry, our team is exceeding expectations so it’s really the place for us to visit next.’ – Nikolai Sammut, Chief Product Officer at TheStudentCampus revealed.


All over the world, the demand for innovation and rapid delivery means enterprises want agility, are looking to become more efficient and cut costs, this is what TheStudentCampus confidently delivers. The Irish market is well advanced in the EdTech sector and the team’s trip to the Irish market will continue to show that this emerging company is fast turning into the company to watch.

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