TheStudentCampus selected to participate in Web Summit 2016.


TheStudentCampus team will be concluding their 2016 #WorldTour with a bang at this Europe’s largest and most important tech market place, Web Summit – which will be held between the 7th and 10th November in Lisbon, Portugal. The powerful learning solution was selected by Trade Malta to represent the islands in this year’s Web Summit which promises to be yet another incredible three day event.


‘This year, more than 50,000 tech CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders are coming together for the WebSummit and we are so proud to share the stage with brands such as Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, Samsung, Twitter, Amazon and Cisco amongst other incredible names. Our message is simple, technology is the driving force which is common across all industries and our revolutionary learning solution is what will ensure that educational entities of all sizes together with organizations and businesses which invest in corporate training, implement and master technology within their enterprise’ – James Abela, co-founder of TheStudentCampus shared.


As anticipated, TheStudentCampus’ first #WorldTour was a success and the EdTech brand has successfully confirmed strategic partnerships with resellers in a number of key areas, participated in a number of prestigious conferences and expos and has implemented the learning solution in a substantial amount of educational entities and corporations. The demand for innovation and rapid delivery means enterprises want agility, are looking to become more efficient and cut costs – this is what TheStudentCampus confidently delivers.


‘We are satisfied with the milestones that we have accomplished during this year and we are eager to continue to present how technology truly has the power to enhance learning experiences all over the globe. Apart from proudly representing the Maltese islands for this global event, we are looking forward to meeting a number of academies and companies in Portugal which will be implementing TheStudentCampus in the coming months. One thing is for sure, the world will be seeing way more of TheStudentCampus in 2017.’ – James Abela, co-founder of TheStudentCampus concluded.


TheStudentCampus team will be exhibiting at Stand Number A 589 in the Web Summit Education Exhibition Area of Pavilion 1 on Wednesday 9th November 2016. Keep up to speed with the latest news, #WorldTour updates and releases by following TheStudentCampus social media channels as well as

TheStudentCampus, the world’s most affordable & intuitive learning solution.

Dublin, we’ll be there soon.


The mid-year mark has come and gone and TheStudentCampus air miles have skyrocketed to an incredible amount, as the co-founders and team have introduced the learning platform in a number of countries.

Earlier on today, TheStudentCampus co-founder Nikolai Sammut revealed that the team will be traveling to Dublin in the coming days.


‘Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Intercom, Slack and Twitter together with other notable brands, have chosen Dublin as their home because the city is one of the world’s prime technology hubs and is clearly a brilliant centre of tech excellence. We’re thrilled to announce that Dublin will feature in our #WorldTour and we’re excited to confirm that we will be discussing a number of collaboration opportunities with potential resellers and partners and also visiting numerous high profile educational entities in the city. The Irish clearly understand the current and future value of the tech industry, our team is exceeding expectations so it’s really the place for us to visit next.’ – Nikolai Sammut, Chief Product Officer at TheStudentCampus revealed.


All over the world, the demand for innovation and rapid delivery means enterprises want agility, are looking to become more efficient and cut costs, this is what TheStudentCampus confidently delivers. The Irish market is well advanced in the EdTech sector and the team’s trip to the Irish market will continue to show that this emerging company is fast turning into the company to watch.

Keep on track with the latest news, updates and releases by following TheStudentCampus social media channels.

TheStudentCampus, the world’s most affordable & intuitive learning solution.

Turkey, we’re coming back.


8 months after our first visit to Turkey, we’re packing our bags and getting ready to join Malta’s delegation hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) and the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and Enterprise Europe Network partners.


‘Consistency is key and while our #WorldTour is taking us to all corners of the globe, over the last months, our International Sales Team has built quite a bit of momentum in Turkey, and we are now honored to be visiting this emerging tech leader once again to continue to strengthen our relationship with our selected business partners who will act as our representatives in various areas of Turkey. We’re eager to solidify and confirm the implementation of TheStudentCampus just in time for the next academic year and our team are raring to start.’ – James Abela, Chief Business Development Officer at TheStudentCampus revealed.


TheStudentCampus has been invited to participate in this Trade Mission by the internationalization Desk at the Malta Chamber of Commerce. More news releases and updates will be shared on TheStudentCampus social media channels.

TheStudentCampus, the world’s most affordable and intuitive learning solution.


That’s a wrap.
The CIPD Learning & Development Show comes to an end.


TheStudentCampus team was thrilled to meet some of the world’s most high performing HR Managers and business leaders during this year’s edition of the CIPD Learning and Development Conference which attracted a record amount of professionals from all corners of the world. As one of the leading brands with a mission to support social and collaborative learning, TheStudentCampus International Sales Team together with the co-founders and brand ambassadors, heard from top leaders, decision makers and had the chance to share their vision as regards to how the world’s top all-in-one learning solution inspires and motivates employees and helps companies reach incredible success.

The world’s biggest brands all create a powerful collaborative learning culture and instill in their company and people a love for lifelong learning. They support and reward their top performers and empower employees to challenge each other and continue to master their skill-set and advance in their specialization. The powerful combination of learning management and virtual learning tools rolled up in one versatile, intuitive and dynamic learning solution is unique and is what is positioning TheStudentCampus as one of the top 21st century learning solutions.


Thanks to TheStudentCampus, companies have a wealth of information at their fingertips, have the opportunity to extract sensitive information from their data and make solid business decisions from it. In the case of the corporate world, TheStudentCampus’ Reporting Product which seamlessly gives top management and assigned team leaders the opportunity to track, monitor and evaluate each employee’s learning progress, address any areas before they turn into major concerns and reward employees for performance and effort – this is what defines 21st Century Learning.


‘The Reporting Product steals the show every time we showcase TheStudentCampus. The outstanding collection of Pre-Built Reports, together with the function of building custom reports really sets TheStudentCampus apart. In 21st Century learning, companies need to make data work for them and we have the perfect learning solution to make this happen’  – James Abela, Chief Business Development Officer at TheStudentCampus noted.


The next destination in TheStudentCampus #WorldTour will be revealed in the coming days.

TheStudentCampus, the world’s most intuitive and affordable learning solution

We’re in London for the CIPD Learning & Development Show


This week TheStudentCampus International Sales Team has travelled to London for the CIPD Learning & Development Show hosted by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development – the world’s professional body of HR and people development. This year’s show will focus on new ways of meeting the needs of both learners and the wider organisation.


‘Employee engagement is always high on the agenda so we’re anticipating that this is going to be another exciting and fruitful show for TheStudentCampus. Our aim is to inspire corporate HR leaders to continue to develop their employees skills, show the importance of collaborative learning spaces, discuss the potential of empowering employees through learning and assist in the development of effective learning strategies.

Thanks to our all-in-one hybrid learning solution, employees get to continue to their learning journey, anywhere, anytime on any device they like, while management gets to keep a bird’s eye view of all that is happening regarding training and development within their organization. Particularly, TheStudentCampus’ Reporting product is extremely popular with enterprises of all sizes as it gives assigned managers the opportunity to evaluate, monitor, track and understand the strengths, weaknesses and potential merits of each and every individual within their department or company. Anyone in the HR arena will find that TheStudentCampus is an outstanding technology which presents an endless list of tools and products which they can pick and choose from according to their objectives.’ – Matthew Sammut, Chief Sales Officer of TheStudentCampus


The CIPD conference, in partnership with The Open University, is being held at Olympia Conference Centre in London. Latest news and updates will be shared on TheStudentCampus’ social media channels.

TheStudentCampus, the world’s most intuitive and affordable learning solution.


Breaking new ground in the Middle East


TheStudentCampus team together with 200 top notch educational entities from over 25 countries joined forces during this year’s edition of GHEDEX 2016 to inspire, encourage and motivate students to love learning. Also on the agenda, TheStudentCampus co-founders and team were the only EdTech company invited to demonstrate the strength, versatility and fun value of what has become the world’s most intuitive, powerful and affordable learning solution.


‘GHEDEX 2016 was a superb experience on a number of different fronts. We are advocates for promoting student-centric learning experiences so as exhibitors being able to meet thousands of students and introducing them to TheStudentCampus was heartfelt. Introducing TheStudentCampus to fellow exhibitors, the world’s finest educational entities, getting the chance to share our commitment to 21st century learning and discussing collaborations was inspiring and a door opener to an endless list of opportunities. Finally, getting the chance to sit down with government representatives and demonstrate how our all-in-one learning solution can take education to the next level, was a remarkable experience. At this point the only thing I can say is that we’ll definitely be back to Oman, sooner than anticipated’ – James Abela, Co-Founder of TheStudentCampus


To be the only learning solution invited to exhibit amongst some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities is nothing less than an honor and is another testament showing that TheStudentCampus is steadily becoming the leader of the EdTech arena. TheStudentCampus #WorldTour continues and the next destination will be announced in the coming weeks on TheStudentCampus social media channels.

TheStudentCampus, the world’s most intuitive and affordable learning solution.


The team is off to Oman for GHEDEX 2016


Earlier on this afternoon, Matthew Sammut Co-Founder of TheStudentCampus, confirmed that team will be participating in this year’s highly awaited GHEDEX 2016 in Oman.

TheStudentCampus is a rare mix of Learning Management and Virtual Learning Tools rolled up in one high performance learning solution, opening doors to endless learning possibilities for businesses and schools alike. The companys’ philosophy, business ethics and the brand’s commitment to position TheStudentCampus as a backbone for learning all over the world, is set to go down well in Oman. GHEDEX 2016 is the perfect expo for TheStudentCampus team to continue to build momentum in the Middle East.


‘The Middle East fascinates us. The government which is the sole financer of education, is committed to giving each and every student a high quality learning experience. It’s a superb time for us to visit and be a part of the revolution of education in this region. The country’s aim to increase participation of the 18-24 bracket by 50% by 2020 is certainly ambitious, but these are exactly the sort of challenges we’re ready for. We’re geared up to roll up our sleeves and give education in the Middle East the EdTech boost it’s looking for.’ – Matthew Sammut, Co-Founder of TheStudentCampus


GHEDEX 2016, which is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education attracts more than 25,000 visitors – educators, school administration teams, parents, education influencers and industry leaders to share the latest tech advances, teaching pedagogies and create strong partnerships which strengthen Oman’s educational system.

TheStudentCampus team has been invited to host a thirty minute workshop for school administration teams and educators visiting GHEDEX 2016.

Regular updates and news from GHEDEX 2016 will be shared on our social media pages.