We’re in London for the CIPD Learning & Development Show


This week TheStudentCampus International Sales Team has travelled to London for the CIPD Learning & Development Show hosted by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development – the world’s professional body of HR and people development. This year’s show will focus on new ways of meeting the needs of both learners and the wider organisation.


‘Employee engagement is always high on the agenda so we’re anticipating that this is going to be another exciting and fruitful show for TheStudentCampus. Our aim is to inspire corporate HR leaders to continue to develop their employees skills, show the importance of collaborative learning spaces, discuss the potential of empowering employees through learning and assist in the development of effective learning strategies.

Thanks to our all-in-one hybrid learning solution, employees get to continue to their learning journey, anywhere, anytime on any device they like, while management gets to keep a bird’s eye view of all that is happening regarding training and development within their organization. Particularly, TheStudentCampus’ Reporting product is extremely popular with enterprises of all sizes as it gives assigned managers the opportunity to evaluate, monitor, track and understand the strengths, weaknesses and potential merits of each and every individual within their department or company. Anyone in the HR arena will find that TheStudentCampus is an outstanding technology which presents an endless list of tools and products which they can pick and choose from according to their objectives.’ – Matthew Sammut, Chief Sales Officer of TheStudentCampus


The CIPD conference, in partnership with The Open University, is being held at Olympia Conference Centre in London. Latest news and updates will be shared on TheStudentCampus’ social media channels.

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