That’s a wrap.
The CIPD Learning & Development Show comes to an end.


TheStudentCampus team was thrilled to meet some of the world’s most high performing HR Managers and business leaders during this year’s edition of the CIPD Learning and Development Conference which attracted a record amount of professionals from all corners of the world. As one of the leading brands with a mission to support social and collaborative learning, TheStudentCampus International Sales Team together with the co-founders and brand ambassadors, heard from top leaders, decision makers and had the chance to share their vision as regards to how the world’s top all-in-one learning solution inspires and motivates employees and helps companies reach incredible success.

The world’s biggest brands all create a powerful collaborative learning culture and instill in their company and people a love for lifelong learning. They support and reward their top performers and empower employees to challenge each other and continue to master their skill-set and advance in their specialization. The powerful combination of learning management and virtual learning tools rolled up in one versatile, intuitive and dynamic learning solution is unique and is what is positioning TheStudentCampus as one of the top 21st century learning solutions.


Thanks to TheStudentCampus, companies have a wealth of information at their fingertips, have the opportunity to extract sensitive information from their data and make solid business decisions from it. In the case of the corporate world, TheStudentCampus’ Reporting Product which seamlessly gives top management and assigned team leaders the opportunity to track, monitor and evaluate each employee’s learning progress, address any areas before they turn into major concerns and reward employees for performance and effort – this is what defines 21st Century Learning.


‘The Reporting Product steals the show every time we showcase TheStudentCampus. The outstanding collection of Pre-Built Reports, together with the function of building custom reports really sets TheStudentCampus apart. In 21st Century learning, companies need to make data work for them and we have the perfect learning solution to make this happen’  – James Abela, Chief Business Development Officer at TheStudentCampus noted.


The next destination in TheStudentCampus #WorldTour will be revealed in the coming days.

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