Our founders meet
Dr. Edward de Bono


We’re building a technology which will be making a difference in the lives of billions of students all over the globe. Our philosophy is simple. It all boils down to using powerful technology to enhance education – empower educators to share their love for knowledge, inspire guardians to promote the joys of learning, support schools ​by giving them all the resources they need to create learning experiences which are effective and enjoyable and show millennials that education is what will make this world a better place. We’re supercharging education and loving every minute.

A couple of weeks ago we had the honor of meeting one of the world’s most brilliant minds. He’s mesmerized us all, and during the years​,​ his work has left an imprint on our hearts. Fifty years later​,​ his words are still relevant. In some ways we feel that we owe part of our success to Dr​.​ de Bono’s six thinking hats which have featured in our strategy team meetings time and time again and which have helped our founders embrace success so early on and masterfully drive innovation through the EdTech industry (and if you’re wondering what hats have got to do with our entrepreneurial journey​,​ discover more here). Getting the opportunity to sit down with Dr​.​ Edward de Bono and listen was sheer bliss, pure magic – he continues to impress.

There will be days in the near future where we will share some of more of the lessons learnt from Dr​.​ de Bono, hopefully there will be conferences where all of you will get the opportunity to learn from Dr​.​ de Bono first hand, but for now, we’re sharing EBNE with all of you, EBNE​ -​ a precious gift from Dr​.​ De Bono to TheStudentCampus team. ‘EBNE, Excellent, but not enough’ – hitting the nail on the head. EBNE, an acronym which is our mantra for 2016 and which will continue to ensure that TheStudentCampus leads the EdTech industry.

We don’t have a crystal ball​,​ but we instinctively know that we will be the ones transforming lives through education enhanced with technology.​