A minimal investment promising maximum profits’, music to our ears.

Business Owners – sometimes your work life feels like a perfect storm – your annual targets include:

  • improving employee performance
  • lowering training expenses
  • reducing employee turnover
  • and increasing your business’ profit.

Feeling pressured? We don’t blame you. 2018 is the year when we will be mastering the concept of using the latest technology mixed with effective learning programmes to achieve these targets. Even better news there’s one solution which will help you conquer your four targets. Sounds perfect? It is. Welcome to the world of LMSs (Learning Management Systems).

A centralized space for learning
From day 1, new recruits will be invited to register and start their induction training ensuring that during their very first days they are given the tools required to understand your brand values, mission statement, company hierarchy, quality assurance while also get a clear understanding of their job definition and what is expected from them. All employees will be kept up to date with upcoming training programmes, company notifications and communications.

Schedule training sessions
Appointing members of the management team or training managers may schedule training sessions at their own pace. They may invite employees from different departments, select specific individuals or invite the full team for compulsory or optional training programmes. Thanks to features such as ‘messaging’ the selected group will receive training reminders and course notifications.

Design effective training
Content is king and thanks to your selected learning management system you’ll be wearing the crown. Your selected educator has the luxury of designing branded content which is interactive and which will make learning enjoyable. Personalized learning is encouraged and individuals have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, whenever they want, wherever they prefer and on which-ever device they prefer. You also have the option of testing employees at various levels of their training programme – ensuring that have a full understanding of the content shared. You might also opt to integrate with third party software to ensure that recommended or compulsory learning programmes fulfill their purpose.

The Three Cs – Communicate, Collaborate, Connect
The Three Cs are crucial to your business success. Employees selected for training together with their team leaders will be encouraged to work and study together, discuss course content, make recommendations, share findings and discuss their study programme via the messaging centre.

Reporting & Rewarding
Analytics and reports are priceless – they ensure that you make informed decisions and invest intelligently. At any time your appointed management team can access, monitor and evaluate powerful insights to better understand the effectiveness of your training, the motivation of your team and to clearly define the brand leaders from the rest of the pack. You can reward employees and continue to invest in your career climbers by keeping them engaged and motivated.

It’s crystal clear. A learning management system is the secret to success and will help you transform your brand into one of the world’s best. Even better news our recommended solution is more affordable than you could ever expect. Get in touch!