Welcome to 21st Century Learning

We’re sure you heard all about it – it’s the buzzword of the year and hey, we’re quite convinced that just like a lot of different phrases, it ends up being used but no one really takes the time to define it and help everyone understand what 21st Century Learning really implies. That’s where we come in. It’s time to take a step back and once and for all define what 21st century learning is all about, so here goes.

In 21st century learning, students are independent learners, they are taught how to self-assess their performance during each and every class, they are driven to design personal and academic goals for themselves. Students are not just exposed to educational settings, they are not stuck to a classroom and learning doesn’t stop after their class ends. Educators are mentors, their job is to inspire, engage and motivate students, they are the crucial backbone of effective learning (which they have always been), with the difference that in 21st century teaching, their main task is to entice students to be curious, explore, discover and appreciate the joys of learning. Teachers keep students on the right track, they prepare students for life and not just for the next exam. 21st century educators ask questions and inspire their students to be bold and look for the answers they are looking in creative methods. They give students the skills which they aren’t normally tested on. 21st Century teachers take full advantage of 21st century tools to ensure that learning will excite students. They don’t let students get sucked into devices but they embrace technology and use it to its maximum potential.

21st century learning isn’t about standardized tests – quite the contrary it’s about personalized learning – project based assignments, the promotion of critical thinking skills and above all it’s all about collaboration – collaboration between students, educators, guardians – essential collaboration which not only leads to effective teaching but results to fun learning.

Getting into the 21st learning spirit? That’s super news. Then you’re going to love our next blogs dedicated to 21st century learning tools.