The people
behind the brand

what we stand for

Passionate about education

We’re passionate about education and committed to leave our mark and truly make a difference. We consider ourselves to be techies with a big heart and a creative flair. We’re passionate about what we do, occasionally quirky, sometimes strange (in a genius sort of way), fun loving, humble and we really do truly care. We inspire companies with excellence. We celebrate our company success. We strive to continue to make TheStudentCampus a global, influential brand. We’re the real deal.

Our Motto

Great just isn’t good enough.

We know what we’re good at and we push relentlessly to be exceptional. We’ve launched a new era where technology makes education better. An age where all of us are students for life and where learning is not limited to a classroom. We’ve designed and developed an enriching, flawless academic experience, a remarkable space for students all over the globe.

Executive Team

The brilliant minds behind TheStudentCampus

Our Management Team’s combined expertise in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud industries and entrepreneurship together with their passion for education has positioned TheStudentCampus as an influential global brand.

Nikolai Sammut
Chief Product
James Abela
Chief Business Development
Matthew Sammut
Chief Sales
Vince Ciantar
Chief Technical


The people who believed in us from the start.

Following 100K seed funding, TheStudentCampus has raised 1.25 Million Round 1 Funding in less than three months. Funding which continues to support the company’s expansion including the strengthening of technical aspects of the platform as well as the launch of a major international marketing campaign.

Seed Funding of 100K in 2014
Series A funding of 1.25M by a private investor in 2015
Future funding rounds will be available in the next 24 Months